Monday, February 22, 2016

New year, new article

I've got an article in the new issue of Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine. It describes how to make brass knife hinges.

I find this a handy skill to have, because sometimes, the right hinges aren't available to buy. This was the case in my Liquor Cabinet from a few years ago. The door was to be a work surface, and small hinges would not hold up in the long run. Using the same techniques described in the article, I was able to make hinges using 3/16" brass and a 3/16" pin.

that's not me on the cover...

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Ça Commence

I've been commissioned to build a wall unit whose primary job is to be a liquor cabinet. Inspiration for the cabinet came from classic Danish wall units and from the room where it will reside. The room is quite large with 12' ceilings. There will be three boxes, and five shelves, with three shelves wrapping around a corner in the room.

To get my head around the corner, I decided to make a scale model of the room, and design the piece on it.

Scale model 1"=1', hearing protection for scale.

The model proved to be a very useful design tool, and a great way to convey the project to the clients.

With the design approved, I went to get some lumber. We decided on Sapele for the exterior of the boxes and the shelves, and maple for the interiors and drawers. The boxes will have sliding doors.

The car groaned a little when they dropped the 4/4, 24"
wide, 16' long piece of Sapele on it. I had
to cut it up before getting it inside.

Careful planing was needed to ensure that I would have enough stock with just the one piece of Sapele, and I think it'll work. The lumber yard had another piece just like this one, but I left it behind.

This is about as organized as I get. It's
proving to have been worth it.

I sawed the veneer at a friends shop, and have been jointing and gluing them together since. The big box is about 70" long, and I'm glad I only had two edge joints to do at that length.

70" edge joints pushed the limits of my
bench. The #6 was hanging off both
ends of the bench to make the cut.

Using my Hamler insert in my #6.
Works well.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


i love it when the grain cooperates. 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

ottawhat? podcast

last week i was a guest on a local ottawa podcast. ottawhat?'s format is conversational and relaxed. we mostly talked about woodworking and the ottawa region.
so if you've ever wondered what i sound like, here's your chance.