Friday, October 25, 2013

tools & shops

my little shop is featured on fine woodworking's website as an extra to their "make better use of your space" article in the next issue of tools & shops. 

roughly 97% of my liquor cabinet was built in there.

check it out:

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

liquor cabinet

here are some photos of my recently completed liquor cabinet. the open door acts as a drink/drinking surface. you can spy a hidden box in the second photo. it has a tricky lock type mechanism to permit removal.
zebrano and maple. the back panel is made from maple that i got from the same friend in vancouver. pretty stuff. thanks again d.
cabinet is available for purchase here:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

coffee table

just finished a coffee table commission last week, delivered it this week.
it was a fun project. 
the top is reclaimed spruce from vancouver. it was from a log boom that got milled up by a friend of mine. check out his blog:
the mahogany was left over from a previous project, which is owned by this client's brother. it's nice that their furniture shares a common lineage. just like them.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

update for steve m.

i've been in the shop all this week, and most of last. good progress has come of this. yesterday was spent applying a rib over top of the maple/zebrano intersection. this help define the shape, which was not the fairest of curves due to my poor scroll sawing.

there are six ribs in all. a bending form was made for each. the ribs are made up of six plies and add up to 1/4" in thickness. they go from 1/8" to 1/4" in height.

to shape the ribs, i filled a notch in my card scraper and pulled the material through. this worked fairly well, although the shellac that i've been applying keeps raising grain that was compressed from the scraping.

i started by applying the ribs to the door since these would spill over onto the side and bottom of the cabinet. to be certain of my alignment, i dry fit the carcass and placed the door on it's hinges. i was then able to scribe exactly where the edge of the cabinet was in respect to the rib. i scribed a line, and shot the angle. the small pieces were glued with the door in place to ensure alignment. i then kept wrapping the rib around the side and the back.

notch in the scraper

nice shavings. i didn't turn a burr on the scraper, i just use the filled edge

sawing off the little piece

shooting a 45 degree angle with a quick and dirty block

where two ribs meet, the spine, shall we say
angle awaiting it's mate

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

door and saw

made some progress on the liquor cabinet door today. had to do some work to my scroll saw first. it needed a throat plate and jaws for the chucks. it cuts really nicely.

scroll saw from the high school i went to.
arts industriels

new throat plate that i made.

some of the veneers put together for the door.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

zebra metal

 my bandsaw fell on it's face the other day. it broke the table trunnion in three pieces. i needed to fix this  fast and cheap, so i drilled and taped holes through the parts and applied a generous amount of jb weld to the area. i then inserted a machine screw to bring everything together. it's still holding after a few months.
one of the broken bits in place
the evidence of the screw after some filling 
two of the machine screws sticking out of the trunnion

i've also been getting a bit of work done on the liquor cabinet. it seems like i've been jointing triangles of zebrano together for about a month, but i'm almost there. very much looking forward to mating the zebrano and maple together and veneering the parts.

messy bench
i've been using my block plane to shoot the glue joints...
i've been having problems with the stability of my
wooden jointer plane.

the clamping action of the wedge