Saturday, March 9, 2013

zebra metal

 my bandsaw fell on it's face the other day. it broke the table trunnion in three pieces. i needed to fix this  fast and cheap, so i drilled and taped holes through the parts and applied a generous amount of jb weld to the area. i then inserted a machine screw to bring everything together. it's still holding after a few months.
one of the broken bits in place
the evidence of the screw after some filling 
two of the machine screws sticking out of the trunnion

i've also been getting a bit of work done on the liquor cabinet. it seems like i've been jointing triangles of zebrano together for about a month, but i'm almost there. very much looking forward to mating the zebrano and maple together and veneering the parts.

messy bench
i've been using my block plane to shoot the glue joints...
i've been having problems with the stability of my
wooden jointer plane.

the clamping action of the wedge


mckenzie said...

Sorry to hear about the band saw fall. Was it the snowflake?

jbreau said...

yeah, i was mucking around on the table saw and watched the little snow flake hit the ground. the trunnion is the only thing that broke, and it had broken before. i got off pretty lucky that the door was a-ok. the table took the brunt of the fall.
all is well again now. the repair is holding just fine.