Friday, December 14, 2012

up to date

i seem to be getting regular time in the shop lately. it's nice.

my bandsaw motor stopped working the other day, which prompted a bit of a rethink of how my machines were set up. the bandsaw and table saw used to share a stand. they sit on separate stands now, with better casters. this configuration is actually smaller then the 'one stand' option, even with an outfeed table on the table saw. they're made from elm that was reclaimed from a piano. even got a new motor for the bandsaw.

'new' 3/4 hp motor for the bandsaw

i also have 90% of the substrates laid up for a new cabinet. this is going to be a liquor cabinet, wall hung, with maple and zebrano parquetry. this one is posing a few design conundrums, but i'll get to those in due time. lumber core door, and the rest of the part are plywood core.

the front door will drop down, and serve as a work area
side view showing a bit of shape