Wednesday, August 14, 2013

update for steve m.

i've been in the shop all this week, and most of last. good progress has come of this. yesterday was spent applying a rib over top of the maple/zebrano intersection. this help define the shape, which was not the fairest of curves due to my poor scroll sawing.

there are six ribs in all. a bending form was made for each. the ribs are made up of six plies and add up to 1/4" in thickness. they go from 1/8" to 1/4" in height.

to shape the ribs, i filled a notch in my card scraper and pulled the material through. this worked fairly well, although the shellac that i've been applying keeps raising grain that was compressed from the scraping.

i started by applying the ribs to the door since these would spill over onto the side and bottom of the cabinet. to be certain of my alignment, i dry fit the carcass and placed the door on it's hinges. i was then able to scribe exactly where the edge of the cabinet was in respect to the rib. i scribed a line, and shot the angle. the small pieces were glued with the door in place to ensure alignment. i then kept wrapping the rib around the side and the back.

notch in the scraper

nice shavings. i didn't turn a burr on the scraper, i just use the filled edge

sawing off the little piece

shooting a 45 degree angle with a quick and dirty block

where two ribs meet, the spine, shall we say
angle awaiting it's mate