Wednesday, August 4, 2010

view from the base-ment

i swear this was done in july. this is the first project that i have fully completed in my shop, and it was a good learning experience as to how to work in the space. the main lesson: get rid of all the junk, and get more space. haven't figured out how to make the basement bigger yet.

after the top was done, it was time to move on to the base. everything was mostly mocked-up and decided, but i did leave room to move, and put a few things through the planer after all the joinery was complete and i had a better idea of the weights.

everything starts with the layout. a good trick i learnt from lord godfrey is to use envelope stickers to mark stuff out on dark woods. works like a charm.

the long rails have a slight angle on the ends of them. i put the joinery parallel to the rail and angled in the legs. consistent spacing between the tenons is gotten by using a spacer to go from the top one to the bottom one. this operation happens 24 times, i'll spare you the photos.

fitting the tenons. i did a bunch of them by hand because i don't have a round over bit for every size. it took a while... and then daisuke said, ''don't you have a chamfer bit''. so smart.

everything in this photo is dry fit. that means that the joinery is all done, but no glue has been applied yet. at this stage i marked out what needed to get some shape and had a better look at the whole thing with the top.

the shaping for the three short rails was done on the drill press. such a nice detail and so easy to do. this accentuates the floating of the top.

after all the shaping was done to the legs and correspondingly to the rails, it was time for getting a finished surface. daisuke brought a few shapton stones on his visit, which he was gracious enough to leave with me, and boy oh boy, my planes have never worked to nicely. thanks daisuke.

all the parts got finished before the glue up. at this point, i find it hard to let the finish cure long enough. i just want to glue the thing together... cooler heads prevailed and i waited.

the glue ups went very well. i broke this down into six glue up. it went just like butter.

the finale glue up.

i tried something new to me for attaching the top to the base. these elongated washers are from lee valley and offer hidden attachment. since the top floats, i thought that these would be more fitting for this table.

... and here it is, all done, and before august ...