Wednesday, October 31, 2012

82" x 150"

my wife and i recently moved to kingston, ontario. nice town, lots of limestone and big trees. oaks and elms and beech. big lake, too.

this means that i have a new shop space. we are renting a place downtown, and i'm lucky enough to have a back porch that i can work out of. 82" x 150". this shop has windows and a outside door. lovely upgrades.

12" bandsaw, 4" jointer, 8" table saw, 13" drill press, 12" planer. tight.

i stored all the big gear at my parents house in new brunswick.

bench area with wall hung tools.

new bandsaw. dion foundry works, from hamilton, ontario.
it's fun to open the window to joint long pieces. 
using the planer makes me feel japanese.