Friday, October 25, 2013

tools & shops

my little shop is featured on fine woodworking's website as an extra to their "make better use of your space" article in the next issue of tools & shops. 

roughly 97% of my liquor cabinet was built in there.

check it out:


Craig said...

Jacques, the work you're producing out of your small shop is amazing, as usual. I seem to complain daily about the limitations of my shop (a whopping 350 square feet). I guess now I'll have to quiet down and enjoy its expansiveness, which, I assure you, heretofore did not exist. Thanks. Craig

mckenzie said...

Table saw window outfeed is crazy (funny). Love that shot. I'll 2nd Craig that the work you're producing out of that walk in closet is amazing.


jbreau said...

350! you lucky dog!
the walk in closet just got even cozier since i picked up a second table saw... what was i thinking?