Sunday, April 5, 2009

back drawer

got the joints for the drawers down. i'm glad to have them done. the drawers themselves are pretty close, i just need to secure the bottom to the back, and round some edges. i think i'll have room for some pulls, otherwise i might think about the 'hole in the drawer' kind of pull.

the bottoms are out of a piece of western maple. half of it is pink, and the back half is kinda greyish. it's a nice little piece of wood.

the back panel got glued in once the drawers were fit. i find that this glue up is the most demanding. having to pull the joint tight in three directions all at once makes for nimble hands and lots of clamps.
the cabinet is moving along well. i'll be fitting the doors next week, and then working on the wall hangers and the glass. i'm going to try cutting my own glass for this one.  


Nick Brygidyr said...

how does precision work mix with beer?

I'm interested to see how you pared those half blinds..e-mail me pics if you got any!

One thing i've been trying out and having horrible results with, it using a shim to pare to the line on drawer fronts...i ended up either not going deep enough or way over the line there for ruining the drawer front.

That cabinet of yours is looking mighty effing sweet. im jealous!

jbreau said...

beer helps with the steady hand...
i don't have pictures of the paring. i just used a shim, but my fronts didn't all line up, so i just made sure that i was on the line. and then i used the block at the back to cut down, and the sides of the pins were pared by hand checking for square along the way. half blinds are easy, because half of them are hidden.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Pretty nice. How did you find the curved front joinery?
The combo for your drawers are pretty close to mine. I had 1/4 sawn sides but am using Japanese maple with a bit of pink down the heart.

jbreau said...

curved joinery was difficult and must be practised some more. i like it, and the alternatives don't stike me as any good, so i must perservere and get better.

Nick Brygidyr said...

I think curved drawer fronts are worth it when they're big enough to laminate instead of shaping a curve yourself. i shaped mine by hand and had a bitch of a time getting everything clean and square and what not.

They for sure take loads of practice.


Yes lams are the way!

Your cabinet is looking quite handsome Jacques. Like you.

Cody said...

Ian is a gaylord.

Nice cabinet dude! Is this a commission? Or speculative? (whatever that means)

I recommend cutting your own glass. It's really easy, and it adds this element of 'holy shit I hope this works' to your day. Not like furniture making has any shortage of those types of moments...

jbreau said...

it's a spec piece. i think it's good to start building a body of work. with this medium it just takes years. sometimes i wish i was a potter.
this piece is going to be coming out to roberts creek with me to be in the show.
i should be able to be more precise than the local apple auto glass too. my mom's got a good cutter from her stain glass days, so i'll use that.