Sunday, December 13, 2009

kickback blues

i lost the tip of my middle finger, left hand, on my uncles table saw yesterday. i've got the kickback blues.


Nick Brygidyr said...

DUDE what happened??


Jesus Jacques! How are you doing?

mckenzie said...

Sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you heal well.

jbreau said...

i was at my uncle's shop, and i was ripping on the ts because my uncles bs was not really working that well, and it was at the point in the cut where i was switching my hands around, and kaboom, kickback and blood.
i then had to drive a half hour into town to get my medicare card and go to the er.
turns out that i cut a wee bit of the bone, so the doc had to snipe some more off to be able to fully encase the bone in flesh. he also ripped the rest of my finger nail out.
it's really just the tip, so every thing should grow back in a month or two.
i'm doing fine, i even surprised myself at how much looking i was doing while the doc was digging around. plus he gave me a few percasets.
needless to say, but since my bs doesn't have a fence, i'm going to take the one off of my ts and use it on the bs. no more ripping on the ts. that, and if i ever have enough room, i'm getting a saw stop.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Damn! sorry to hear!
I've cut myself on the TS but luckily I haven't hit bone yet.
I hope you make a fine recovery sir.

Creekside Craftsman said...

Sorry to hear about the mishap my friend. It was almost exactly 1 year ago that a doctor had to grind my finger bone down, so I know the feeling well.

My sympathies to you. Jason

Cody said...

Shit dude, I'm so sorry to hear that. I have a picture of my mangled hand hanging above my tablesaw, post a picture of yours and I'll add it to the collection!

We can start a club that nobody wants to join, initiation will be a bitch.

Happy healing.

Nick Brygidyr said...

Merry x-mas Jacques!

JZM said...

I had a similar accident about 6 weeks ago. Check out the link if you get a chance:

Hope you're feeling better.

Regards, Jarrod