Friday, January 29, 2010

movement of sorts

i've made some progress in the basement, namely i put some insulation on the wall and then some drywall, and i also made some windows and put those in. and just yesterday i wired for the jointer and the bandsaw. i still need a starter for the bandsaw motor, trying to find heaters for an old one i've got, but that's been a dead end so far... i won't bore you folks with my list, but it's both moving along and i still have loads to do at the same time. anyhow, the plan is to have a coffee table made down in the basement by may.

here's a more recent shot of the saw. can't wait to cut something.


Nick Brygidyr said...

glad to see you're making some progress with the shop. hows the finger healing up?

mckenzie said...

have you poured the babbit yet?

jbreau said...

the finger is coming fine. the nail is about half way back and the scabbing is gone. it still hurts like a mother when it gets a good bump, but that's alright.

i poured the bottom shells twice and the top three times. each time was better then the last, but they are still not what they should be. i still need to scrap them and make oil grooves and such. and i just found a couple of scrap pieces of industrial felt at my uncles yesterday, so i've got most of the parts assembled. that and a local college made up some guide wear plates and a trust bearing for me, so i'll pretty much have a new set of guides for free.

got to love free.

i'll post some babbit pictures up once i get the whole sequence done with.

Cody said...

Nice work Jacques. That bandsaw is awful purdy! Old things are so much more aesthetic. Nice work pouring your own babbits, that's commitment. I read a cool post on about a guy who cast and machined his own CNC machine. I'd love to try some investment casting, it's so simple and primitive.

Keep it up! Hopefully we're both making shavings soon!

mckenzie said...

I tried making my own trust bearing, i think it was less then successful. The D&W is feeling awfully neglected. Your bandsaw is looking great.


jbreau said...

yeah, the guys at the college had all the toys to both machine and then harden the steel. it was a good resource for me to use, not having a lathe and milling machine. and they thought that it was a good learning project, lots of different steps.

i found a great source for info about making a bunch of stuff. you may find this interesting...

hopefully the bandsaw will turn out to be not only fine looking, but a good workhorse. all the time and money, without knowing that it will work well is a little scary, but it should be fine.

Anonymous said...

HI Jacques,
I just discovered your blog - after having just emailed you to say Hi. I haven't read through it all yet, but will soon.


p.s., I saw an ad on Kijiji Halifax for the same type of bandsaw as yours (still rusty and dirty). Can't be many of them around anymore.

Unknown said...

Jacques, nice work man. Love the bandsaw. I'm suffering along with a $700 Jet. We often don't get along.

But good to see what you've been up to.