Tuesday, April 13, 2010

little tour

well, the shop is as much done as shops tend to be. there are only a few minor things left to do, things like a sharpening station and rest for the grinder, and a lumber rack would be nice. so i thought i would give you folk a little tour.

i even cut out pieces for a project.

here's my bench with wagon vise in the end. this was built out of common 2''x12'', a found vise and a veneer screw.

the bench is in the back corner on the right, my toolbox is on the left, behind the drill press.

here's my cobbled together mortiser/lathe. the motor looks like frankenstein because i'm using a four way switch to reverse the direction for either operation. this works well, but there is a little flex in the setup, so one has to mortise lightly.

it's quite lovely to finally be using this saw. it's not without bugs, but it works well.

jointer, also not without bugs, but quite a machine.

started to haul wood in, makes it look more like a shop.


Anonymous said...

Looks good Jacques. A nice collection of tools.


mckenzie said...

congrats man, setting up a shop is a large task, i find it's never ending. Where did you buy the xy table?


jbreau said...

thanks steve and tyler. i've been putting those tools together for what feels like an eternity, but it's only been three years collecting the machines and four or five months fixing them up.

tyler, i got the x/y table from scmi in vancouver. it came off of a combination machine where the purchaser had no use of an x/y. gotta love extra stock.

Nick Brygidyr said...

hey dude great looking shop!

whats your first project? any idea?

jbreau said...

i think i'll keep it small, a little box.
i busted up a small plank of maple the other day, it settling for now until i get the bugs out of the jointer. still thinking on how i'm going to do that.
i've been wanting to build the box in the nakishima book, soul of a tree, the one with all endgrain corners. so that's what i'll do.
is that enough of a disjointed answer for you?


I was wondering where you were. Are you still coming out for the final push at the school? The shop looks great!

jbreau said...

yup, i'll be flying out on may first for the final push... should be fun. have you been teaching a little? you going to go to toronto for daisuke's show?