Friday, September 10, 2010

cour à bois

claire and i were out for a stroll the other day in france, and guess what i saw... that's right, big ol' boules. so i went to check it out some more today.

most of the stuff i saw was flitch cut. the majority of what they had was sapele, sipo (a close relative to sapele, only more stable and not quite as dark... this is what i was told), some mahogany, ash, white and red oak, iroko, and some more regular construction stuff.

wood here is sold in cubic meters, like in japan. hard to visualize this measure. buddy at the yard was telling me that a cubic meter of sapele is worth something like 1100 euro. he broke it down to this: a meter wide piece of sapele, four meters long, not sure how thick but at least an inch, went for 200 euro, about 260$ CND. not too bad.

but they did not have any boxwood, so i'll have to visit some more lumber yards. oh well.

in this last photo, the pile is about four feet wide, and probably twelve quarter. i think this was sapele.


Shannon said...

Looks lovely. You must be in wood heaven. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Good gosh those are 12/4???
Send me some Walnut!!! Euro, that is.

What's happening out there for you guys?
Have fun!

Daisuke Tanaka said...

Looking good.

I guess I explained wrong about the unit used in Japan. It's CUBIC meter, not square.

I suppose under $2000 per 1 C/M is reasonable for good quality lumber.

1 C/M is huge amount. It'll be funny if you lose workspace because of buying 1 unit of lumber.

jbreau said...

hey daisuke, thanks for spotting that, it was only a mistake on my part. cubic meter it is here as well.

yes a cubic meter is a huge amount when translated to a plank, but really a theoretical cubic meter is not that bad.

hey nick, i think those are 12 quarter, i can't quite remember. unfortunately i did not see any walnut there, nor boxwood. mostly run of the mill local stuff. oak and ash and pine, the rest was exotic.

i don't think that i found a really good lumber yard with this one. more of a hardware store that is becoming a lumber yard, and less of a lumber yard that has been around for decades. it's a panofrance, which would be the equivalent of GBS on the coast, just specialized in lumber.

claire is at school out here for a few months, finishing her master's degree.