Tuesday, November 9, 2010

musée des arts décoratifs

we went to the museum the other day when we were in paris. it was pretty nice. they had this mobi boom exhibit going on, so we went to see it. it was just ok. there were a few wooden pieces in it, a wall desk that i really liked, but most of it was kinda like what the guy below is sitting on. lots of 'new' materials and metal, and strange plush sofas.

the rest of the museum was pretty fantastic, although i missed a bunch of it due to inattention. spent a bit of time in the art deco room where they had alot of ruhlmann on display, maybe eight pieces or so. it was pretty neat to see the pieces first hand.

doors didn't stay flush back then either.

this was a big tabletop, around four feet by six or seven.

this piece was pretty cool too. all compound curved surfaces, and lots of curved glass. a big, imposing piece by marcel coard, from 1915.

this one's called 'chiffonier' by andré groult from 1925. all leather over compound curved substrate.

needless to say, they had some neat stuff in this museum. visiting is fun and all, but i miss being in my shop.


Dan McC. said...

très belle!

I wonder how Coard could turn out such an interesting piece right in the middle of WWI. Wouldn't think there would be a lot of demand for that kind of thing when the war was practically at the gates of Paris?

Have you visited any more lumberyards in France to pick up boxwood?

jbreau said...

that's interesting dan, i never really thought about the timing like that. maybe it was a really good buyers market... doesn't seem too necessary though.

i've kinda dropped the ball on the boxwood. lumber yard is not a very popular destination on road trips. i did find quite a bit of it in logs on the buy and sell, and a few people who had some sawed up. i might just have to renew my efforts.

Unknown said...

Paris ...beautiful and interesting ..