Thursday, July 14, 2011

cherry wall cabinet

got this cabinet done while i was at Inside Passage this spring.

eastern cherry, east indian rosewood, spalted maple, eastern maple and norway maple.

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mckenzie said...

Wow! Amazing work, i love when i see a piece and i have no idea how i'd tackle the build. You leave me to ponder.


Nick Brygidyr said...

pardon me...but what the FUCK! im totally jealous. and youre gonna have to let us in on how you did that inlay stuff man. i gotta get cracking on a new piece...all ive been doing is making MDF cabinets and planes..

now thats a sweet cabinet man, for reals!!

Nicholas Nelson said...

Wow out of the blue comes an interesting and attractive project!
How was making the pull details let alone how they were made??

jbreau said...

the pull was really fun to make. and pretty straight forward.

the inlay is a bunch of edge glued triangles cut to the ovoid shape. a plywood template was used to rout out a spot for them in the door and drawers. the routing for the drawers was done with the drawers in place (in the cabinet). and then the inlay was fit, separated and glued in.

the rib is a bent lamination that was previously hot piped to shape. it was then doweled to the door/drawers over top of the inlay joint.

this was definitely the fun part of this project. it had a few high pucker factor moments, but all ended well.