Wednesday, February 29, 2012

x marks the spot

i've been working on a small project lately, and it's starting to come together.

a little foot stool/ottoman. walnut. i will need to either get it upholstered, or get a sewing machine.

i've also got a stack of veneers ready for thicknessing, but my planer seems to like eating them too much. they are for a liquor cabinet that i've been planning.


mckenzie said...

Congrats on getting hitched ( i missed that post).

Also, more photos please!


Nicholas Nelson said...

Agreed, more pics! I'm intrigued.
You're building a liquor cabinet too? Nice! What will it be like???

jbreau said...

hey guys,

i glued the thing up last night, so i'll have more photos soon.

yeah, there's a run on liquor cabinets! mine will be wall hung cabinet with a drop down front and some marquetry resembling what i did on the cherry cabinet.

it's mostly planed out, i'm just waiting to figure out a thickness sander... i think i'm going to attempt making one.

has anyone seen a good plan for one?

Nicholas Nelson said...

Making a thickness sander? Oh gosh heh. What kind of veneer? I still just use my Ridgid portable planner. I just go 1/8th of a crank at a time when I'm close. On this machine one full revolution = 1/16" so... 1/128" increments?
Anywho, looking forward to the ottoman. Like to see those spindles together!
Also particularly interested in your liquor cabinet, considering ;).

Unknown said...

Hey Jacques,

Regarding thicknessing veneers- I got fed up with trying to get good results with a planer or thickness sander. I could get neither to work to my satisfaction. I built a simple vacuum clamping table that works with a normal shop vac and use a router on a sled with a 1 1/4 inch bit. It works slick - zero tear-out, zero snipe, very even thickness, and faster than a thickness sander. I can give you more detail on my set up if you want.

Until I get that planer with a helical carbide cutterhead I don't see using anything else.

Unknown said...

whoops. unknown=Lael