Wednesday, October 31, 2012

82" x 150"

my wife and i recently moved to kingston, ontario. nice town, lots of limestone and big trees. oaks and elms and beech. big lake, too.

this means that i have a new shop space. we are renting a place downtown, and i'm lucky enough to have a back porch that i can work out of. 82" x 150". this shop has windows and a outside door. lovely upgrades.

12" bandsaw, 4" jointer, 8" table saw, 13" drill press, 12" planer. tight.

i stored all the big gear at my parents house in new brunswick.

bench area with wall hung tools.

new bandsaw. dion foundry works, from hamilton, ontario.
it's fun to open the window to joint long pieces. 
using the planer makes me feel japanese. 


mckenzie said...

No conference tables in your near future. I'm excited see the beautiful little jems you create with such a confined space. You should look into getting an ambient dust collector on the used market, it's amazing how well they work.


jbreau said...

that's a good idea about the ambient collector. right now i'm just opening the door and letting the hot/cool air exchange flush out the dust.

i'm realizing how good it is to have friends who have big shops.


Anonymous said...

So I guess I should probably just not ask about renting shop space in the future...
Love the little set up, that's a sweet bandsaw too. Good to see you getting settled in.


jbreau said...

there's plenty of room... in the kitchen.
not sure how long i'll stay in this shop. this winter's work will definitely give an indication of how little is too little.


Dan McC. said...

That is a big change! Is this the first step of a master plan to move out to the west coast - Next move is Winnipeg, then Calgary, then you will be here?!! I agree on the ambient dust collector comment, it makes a huge difference in my small shop, I recommend it as the first tool for any woodworker to buy. I am sure you will figure out how to work with the space issues, look forward to seeing your next project.

jbreau said...

can't wait to move to winnipeg.
good idea dan!