Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tools Tools Tools

i just got a new tool. Always fun.
it's a 10" inca jointer/planer that's replacing a 4" jointer and 12" planer. it takes up about half the space, and gives me much better jointing capacity. it's a nice, clean machine with decidedly swiss features, like the planetary gear drive system.
good times.


Dan McC. said...

Nice score! I have been thinking about one of those for ages, looks like a great solution for a small shop.

I'd always thought they came with noisy motors on them, but it looks like yours is an older motor that is probably nice a quiet.

mckenzie said...

Do these come with the slot mortiser? Or is that the table saw? Looks like it's in nice condition.

jbreau said...

The noise is pretty reasonable on this unit. It's one of the older ones with the belted drive. Others have the motor mounted on the side. It's a lot quieter then my old planer.

I bet I've used the machine more then the original owner, and I've had it for two weeks.

No slot mortiser on these. Like you said, they are on the table saws. I've got a little 6" Inca table saw with x/y table as well. Nice little units.