Friday, February 27, 2009

electrolysis makes things pretty

i picked up a tiny bench vise the other day for 6$ at a local antique place. it was a bit rusty, and i've been curious about electrolysis for a little while now, so i gave it a shot. well, it worked, and it's the easiest thing in the world. all you need is baking soda, water, rebar, a bucket, and a battery charger. plug it in and wait. it actually took longer then i thought it would, but i had it outside, so maybe the temperature slowed down the chemical reaction. anyhow, if you have something that's rusty, it's kinda fun to see the rust magically come off the thing.

this is my sketch and list for the cabinet i started up in prince george. i worked on it a bit during the summer, i had some parts to redo, and then it sat for quite a while. i've got the shop to myself for a few weeks, so i decided to pull it down from the self. i'm going to try to have it done for the end of year show at IP, but i know my dad wants in the shop, so i'll have to see what kind of shop time i can get between now and then. my plan is to have a carcass by the time they get home.

oh yeah, i bought a bandsaw. it's a silver 26" from the turn of the century, or there abouts. it comes with a five horse motor and all the trimmings. it's in northern new york state, and my folks just happened to be out there next week, so they're are going to bring it back for me. i'll have to make guards for it, but i saw some really neat ones that david ellsworth made. he essentially made two big donuts that only cover the outside of the wheels, it looks pretty.


Nick Brygidyr said...

Those parts for your cabinet are real cute lookin!

and i still hate you for you getting the bandsaw.,...damn you

jbreau said...

hate is such a powerful word nick. do you really mean that?
did you check out the photos of it?

Nick Brygidyr said...

oh jacques of course i dont mean it!

and i forgot my password for the forums and for some reason wont let me make a new account..


Hey Jacques, do you have a picture of a bandsaw with guards you will make on it on it? The saw looks kick ass! What colour are you going to paint it or is yours another colour?


Cody said...

Nice work on the bandsaw! I think you should paint it orange, like the general lee, and paint '01' and the rebel flag on it.

It would be cool if you could get the cabinet done for the year end show. Is it dark doussie??

jbreau said...

the cabinet is english brown oak and it's coming along nicely. i should be able to have it done by may... i'm hoping anyhow.
the dude has the saw green with red wheels. i think i'll keep those colours with maybe some blue guards, or purple. i'll have to see. the saw i'm talking about is in the setting up shop book. i'll try and get a pick of it up at some point.