Monday, March 2, 2009

guards and progress

so here's the general idea. there'll be a partition with some drawers behind the panels in the doors. i got some imbuya that i'm going to use for the drawer fronts with some eastern maple sides and western maple bottoms. these will be my first curved dovetails, should be exciting.

i'm going to be doweling tomorrow, i think. i'm going to have to do this on the drill press. our mortiser has too much runout. it's mucho visible to the naked eye, so i'm going to have to go vertical. i kinda wish i had my table set up on the lathe. the machinist i got to mount the chuck did a bang up job with it. oh well, i'll have to concoct something to hold it upright. after i dowel i'll have the applied edges to do, and then all the hardware holes and door fittings, and the rabbet for the back. it's nice to be working on a small cabinet again.

here's the david ellsworth saw. he turned some huge segmented donuts and hinged them somehow. i just got the thought that maybe they lift off instead of hinge. anyhow, that's what i'll try to do. i don't think i'll turn them, that's just a sure way to have something explode. so i'll have to rout, carve, file, sand, chainsaw some kind of big glue up. any ideas? those are some pretty good colors too... my saw is green with red wheels, don't know what i'll paint the guards.


Cody said...

Cool cabinet Jacques, it may cause me to re-think my hatred for oak! Cool bandsaw too! You don't want to turn a couple of 36" donuts? Sissy.

Maybe a router and trammel??

Nick Brygidyr said...

That is friggin cool! wall cabinet or is there a stand to go with it? i'm very interested to see how you're gonan dowel curved yes?

Nick Brygidyr said...

and is that paper glued to your substrate?

jbreau said...

yeah, lets call it paper... no it's actually a miss calculation in terms of substrate thickness. so it's actually naked substrate. that will all be invisible once the drawer box is in place. it's a wall cabinet.
yeah, i think i'm going to make either two or four big segmented rings and then make a template to rout them round, and then a whole lot of waste removal. i just don't think that my lathe could handle that size, and i don't have an outboard option for a tool rest... blah, blah, excuses.


Don't get your head caught in those wheels dude. Or your balls.