Wednesday, March 4, 2009


i got the doweling done yesterday, it went well. i decided to drill the above holes on the drillpress cause of runout on the mortiser. sorry about the bad photo. the mdf t thing just hold the side up square. i had to clamp the jig to the side because of brad shortages. after i drill out the big holes, i just popped some dowels in the holes to solidify the whole thing and then drilled that smaller holes. i had to take the clamps off for those, hence the dowels.

then i just laid the jig onto a full size plywood jig that i made to the same size as the top and bottom. i just shaped the top and jig off of the bottom, which was shaped off of a template. i packed out the jig to get something to flush up at the back and so the sides would be over the applied edge joint as well. i flipped and did the other side.

then i laid the real size plywood jig down onto the top and bottom and drilled those holes out. i had some stops glued onto the back to register it.

i routed out the back panel rabbet today. it was fun.


Nick Brygidyr said...

I dont really get why you had to make a ply-wood copy for the bottom to dowel through..

unless you have the applied edges already on your substrate but i dont see those.

im gonna start that bent cabinet door, i've never dabbled in the arts of bent wood so it should be an interesting and terrifying experience!

jbreau said...

i could have doweled without the plywood template, but it's super quick to do, and it ensures that the distance between the sides is uniform.

Cody said...

So? How's the cabinet coming along? Is it glued up?

jbreau said...

yep, i got the carcass glued up yesterday. it's always amazing to do a few weeks of work, and then look at the results and scratch my head and wonder where all the time went. but yeah, carcass, done.