Saturday, January 8, 2011


well, we got home the other day. so i had to get some wood ready. my dad and i bought a log a few years ago, a huge cherry, 16/4, heavy as all get out. so heavy, that we decided to split the nice board down the middle with a chain saw. it was pretty checked down the middle, so no harm done.

the log wasn't as good as we had hope, but there is still alot of wood there. the color is beautiful, but there are loads of checks to work around...

the cherry is going to become a convex wall cabinet soon.

there are a few things that need doing in the shop before i get going. sharpening knives, claiming valuable floor space with a lumber rack, watching for bugs. there's the chunk of cherry on the left.

when i was loading up the rack, i had to move a few pieces of red elm. on the elm, i found these little buggers boring hole in the sapwood. i hope that they didn't populate anything else. the elm is now in quarantine.



Cockroaches Jacques? Really? I told you to burn the luggage you brought back from France. But you never listen.

Can't wait to see your next piece.

mckenzie said...

i have never used a chainsaw, i am seriously lacking.

Looks like nice collection of wood you're accumulating there.

From what I've seen slabs with the pith always go bananas. Cutting it was a good choice, relieve the stress as much as possible.

Ralph Boumenot said...

I can't think of a better way to start a day then going to wood pile and picking something out.
Nice collection you have. Do you have any problems leaving it exposed like that?

jbreau said...

yeah, i know i don't listen ian, sorry. i should have known that dirty france would send me home with something. at least it was just in my luggage.

no problems having the wood exposed... the tall pile on the right is poplar (breaking the wind for the nicer stuff) and we cover up the upper planks with osb. so far so good. there are plans for some kind of more permanent 'wall' on the right side. the shelter is rather new.

Nicholas Nelson said...

Yay for getting back to the shop.
Is the cabinet going to be wall hung?

I actually found some holes bored into the sap of some of my Cherry with little grubs hanging out between the bark and wood... gross. Then I cut all the bark off the rest of my wood.

Unknown said...

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